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Re: [Libvir] xen long-list s-expression

On Mon, Jul 09, 2007 at 04:12:26PM -0600, Daniel Miles wrote:
> Hello everone, does anybody know if libvirt has any way of getting the full 
> s-expression that xm list --long <domID> produces?

Nope, the SEXPR is a Xen specific format. For configuration options that
we currently support, the libvirt XML format is the equivalent that is
not Xen specific.

> Or failing that, some way to get the location property under 
> device(vfb(location <location string>)) ?

I don't recall there being a location tag under VFB... What information is
it supposed to contain ?   On my Xen 3.1.0  Fedora 7 box I don't see any
location tag in the SEXPR:

# xm list --long  rhel4x86_64 | grep --after 5 vfb
            (vncunused 1)
            (type vnc)
            (uuid 42b3fa64-921b-513e-07ea-00cca86dea8d)

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