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Re: [Libvir] Updating an existing libvirt installation

Omer Khalid wrote:

I am wondering if its possible to upgrade an existing libvirt installation to a newer version. Actually one of my clients is still have libvirt-0.1.8 while my software works ver 0.1.9 upwards.

As Dan said, ABI compatibility should be maintained, pretty much forever. I guess if we ever did break it, there would be a major jump in version number (like 1.x -> 2.x or similar).

Another issue is that upgrades between versions require different daemons running. In < 0.2.0 there was no daemon at all. In < 0.3.0 the daemon was called libvirt_qemud (unless you were also playing with the experimental remote patches, in which case you may have needed two daemons running). In >= 0.3.0 the daemon is called libvirtd and combines the functions of qemu management, network management and remote access all in one handy package. So when upgrading between versions, bear this in mind. Restarting the libvirt service should be sufficient, but if that doesn't work there is a small possibility you might need to reboot.

Also we are maintaining a list of what features work with what hypervisor in what version. You can find that here: http://libvirt.org/hvsupport.html


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