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Re: [Libvir] Next features and target for development

Daniel Veillard wrote:
  Hi all,

now that 0.3.0 is out, it's probably time to build the next set of
features we aims at developping in the next months, the list I have
currently is short, but still significant:

  - migration API: now that we have remote support it should be
       possible to build an API for migration of domains between
       2 connections. Could be as simple as
        int virDomainMigrate(virDomainPtr domain, virConnectPtr to, int flags);
       sounds like a fun and very useful part.

Some issues around migration which are up for discussion:

(1) Where does the data travel (ie. server -> server, server -> client -> server)? If it goes server -> server, what about routing, firewalls, etc.?

(2) Are the hosts compatible? (eg. microarchitecture, hypervisor, ... other sources of incompatibility?) Should we care at the API level or just report errors from the hypervisors?

(3) Should the data be encrypted when it travels?

Xen uses a particular port & protocol for migration. Is this protocol one-way or two-way?

  - USB support: we discussed that already, but the initial patch did
       not match the XML format suggestions we should try to resurrect this

  - Support for Xen-API new entry points at least for localhost access
    since we have remote support now

Is there stuff we can do with Xen-API which we can't do with the sexpr API? Are upstream going to continue offering both APIs?

  - platform support: resolve the PPC64 issues

  - more engine support: OpenVZ is on the work, is there interest in
      lguest, UML or for example Solaris zones ?

Or VirtualBox-OSE, which I've been playing around with today.

Other things to think about:

 - Storage API.


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