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Re: [Libvir] Next features and target for development

>   - more engine support: OpenVZ is on the work, is there interest in
>       lguest, UML or for example Solaris zones ?

Hmm, well, at least some of them can be used at the same time, i.e.
running a WinXP guest in qemu/kvm and an linux guest using lguest or uml
at the same time works just fine.  Having only one instance of
virt-manager running to manage this would be great.  Although that maybe
isn't a libvirt issue, virt-manager could just support multiple
connections, something which is useful for virt-manager anyway now we
have remote support ;).

A related but slightly trickier issue is that you can run the very same
disk image using different hypervisors.  An raw disk image working fine
in qemu should boot equally well in xen (as hvm).  qemu can handle
vmware disk images.  paravirt_ops makes switching hypervisors easy even
for paravirtualized guests.

Do we want support such things in libvirt?  Should make it easy to
migrate existing VMs from vmware to kvm or from xen to lguest.  Oh,
we'll need a vmware engine for that to work, not sure whenever that is

just some random ideas,


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