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Re: [Libvir] big-endian support for libvirt - introduce GUEST_HANDLE infrastructure ?

Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Wed, Jul 11, 2007 at 02:11:38PM +0200, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:

  yes the only potential problem would be with other architectures where
__BIG_ENDIAN__ is defined and where the relative size of pointers and long
would be different.
We can change it to something more generic the moment we recognize other affected architectures.
Or in a free minute ;-)
Since it is no longer a macro we could pre-calculate the sizes anyway, but the way it is now says clearly "64bit size - used size" for the padding and I like that kind of readability.

  Yes this makes for very long line, but it's really not a concern.
I'm tempted to apply that patch after a day of grace delay to give people
a chance to voice in !

   thanks a lot ! Does this fix all the libvirt proper platform issues
(i.e. independantly of possible xen specific ones) ?
Yes it fixes them as far as they are currently known to me.
As I wrote before I had already a temporary workaround in the kernel, so the libvirt on xenppc status I posted a few mails before is valid for the patched libvirt&kernel scenario.


Grüsse / regards, Christian Ehrhardt

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