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Re: [Libvir] Double call to domainSuspend callback

Bruce Evans Sun COM wrote:

I have implemented the 'domainSuspend' callback in
libvirt for my hypervisor (see test.c or qemu_internal.c for reference)

When using the Red Hat Virtual Manager (after connecting
to my hypervisor), clicking on a domain row,
then clicking the 'open' button at the botton right of the
window, I get a new window where I can click the 'Pause'
button for instance.

When I do this, the 'domainSuspend' callback is entered
twice as shown in my debug code below.

Why is this happening?  Is it a bug?

So somewhere in the RHVM python code, this call is
getting activated twice.

Bruce, there's a bug tracking this, and a fix for it. If you could try it out and let us know if that fixes it for you.



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