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Re: [Libvir] Regarding Libvirt & VirtManager

On Sun, Jul 15, 2007 at 06:58:39PM -0400, Paulev wrote:
> I'm curious to know if LibVirt & VirtManager is being developed only
> by RedHat employees only. If not, what is the process for developers
> who wish to contribute to these projects. Also, I'd like to know how
> and by whom decisions are made for new features to be included in
> these projects.

While Red Hat employees started the initial development in both projects, 
there have since been many many difference people involved in writing
code for both - just take a look at the AUTHORS files and you'll see people
from all over. The more diverse the group of people the better, because it
means we get a wider range of views & use cases catered for.

For anyone wishing to get involved, best bet is the mailing lists - this
list for libvirt, or  et-mgmt-tools redhat com for virt-manager[1]. There
are open discussions about new features on the mailing list where anyone is
free to take part.

For libvirt there was a thread started by Daniel just last week to come up
with plans for what the next priorities are for development. You can see
the thread in the archives


For virt-manager we've got a list of items we'd like to see developed on the
project website:


So in summary, if you've got ideas & suggestion and want to get involved
don't hesistate to mail either project's list :-)


[1] http://virt-manager.org/mailinglist.html
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