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Re: [Libvir] Initial OpenVZ Support Patches

On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 01:58:41PM +0530, Shuveb Hussain wrote:
> Hi,
> Here are the OpenVZ support patches. The .c and .h files go into src/
> This is being released in the spirit of releasing early. Only the basic
> stuff is done and development is continuing.
> What works:
> * Getting number of active/inactive domains
> * Listing active/inactive domains
> * Creating a domain that has been already defined (using OpenVZ tools)
> * Shutdown, start, reboot
> * configure.in has a new switch --with-openvz(on by default), use
> --without-openvz to switch it off.
> After I get feedback, I will work on it and add other features later on.
> There is no need for any OpenVZ tools code. Just the OpenVZ kernel and
> tools need to be installed. This code depends on the OpenVZ tool
> binaries.
> Differences from QEMU/Xen:
> * ID and name are same
> * Not possible to create temporary domains and do away with them.
> Creating a domain will involve untarring a template cache and bringing
> it up.
> * No readonly access. OpenVZ tools need root access.
> There are other design issues to be discussed. These issues spring from
> the fact that OpenVZ is very different from Xen/QEMU. I will discuss
> these issues in further mails.
> Here is a sample session transcript:

  Okay, that works ! I have installed OpenVZ myself and applied the patches
locally. After renaming the readline in the openvz_conf.c to avoid overriding
the system one (and then crashing libvirt), it worked for me on x86_64.
There are slight differences in behaviour, for example shutdown looks 
synchronous (but since it's very fast it's not that a big deal).
  There is a lot of stuff I would like to change, for example make all 
the module functions private, the readline renaming, etc ... What I would
suggest is the following:
  - commit the new files to CVS
  - apply the patch but make the openvz configure off by default
Then we can work out of CVS, which will make cooperative development easier.

  If that's good for you tell me, I will arrange the commits etc,

    thanks a lot !


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