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[Libvir] Re: XM config <-> XML config

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
I read that libvirt can convert XM <-> XML and though I could export my current config to XM format, edit it and reimport. How is is done with libvirt?

To dump XML use

  virsh dumpxml [id|name|uuid] > [xmlfile]

To reload it then use

  virsh define [xmlfile]

Ok. That part I knew already. But does libvirt not also allow to convert the created xml configuration file to a XM configuration file? I.e. the type of config file that was traditionally used? At least in that I could define the pci delegation and start a virtual machine from it...

I would just like to sort of "export" my current configuration from virt-manager.

Its not going to help much I'm afraid since we don't support PCI device
delegation currently.

Thanks. Maybe I can get around it by simply not exporting back to xml but working with the xm config file.


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