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Re: [Libvir] [RFC] Host and guest capabilities

Some additional comments on what these mean:

+int virCapabilitiesGetHostSupportsHVM (virCapabilitiesPtr caps);

Would return true if the host supports HVM ...

+int virCapabilitiesGetHostHVMDisabledByBIOS (virCapabilitiesPtr caps);

... but this would return true if the HVM isn't available to Xen, indicating that it's disabled in the BIOS. Virt-manager could use this to present some sort of message about how to enable in the BIOS.

+int virGuestArchitecturesGetCount (virGuestArchitecturesPtr archs);
+char *virGuestArchitecturesGetName (virGuestArchitecturesPtr archs, int n);
+int virGuestArchitecturesGetIsHVM (virGuestArchitecturesPtr archs, int n);

If this architecture supports full virt.

+int virGuestArchitecturesGetIsAccelerated (virGuestArchitecturesPtr archs, int n);

If this architecture is accelerated (eg. all Xen architectures, and qemu architectures using kqemu).

+int virGuestArchitecturesGetIsEmulated (virGuestArchitecturesPtr archs, int n);

eg. qemu emulating a completely different architecture.

+int virGuestArchitecturesGetIsBigEndian (virGuestArchitecturesPtr archs, int n);

Xen on IA64 allows guests to be big endian. It's not clear if the IA64 HV is always little endian though.

+int virGuestArchitecturesGetBits (virGuestArchitecturesPtr archs, int n);

Returns 32 or 64.

+int virGuestArchitecturesGetIsPAE (virGuestArchitecturesPtr archs, int n);

Xen on x86 allows guests to be PAE or non-PAE.


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