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[Libvir] virsh command is getting a connecting error


It was working fine on March 8th, but today it failed to do virsh
command with an error message. 

# virsh list
libvir: error : no support for hypervisor
lt-virsh: error: failed to connect to the hypervisor

This message is printed here because nb_network_drivers is 0.
    --- libvirt.c : virConnectOpen
    317     if (ret->nb_drivers == 0 || ret->nb_network_drivers == 0) {
    318         /* we failed to find an adequate driver */
    319         virLibConnError(NULL, VIR_ERR_NO_SUPPORT, name);
    320         goto failed;
    321     }

I think the cause is because it failed to bind the socket at 
    --- qemu_internal.c : qemuOpenClientUNIX
    232     /*
    233      * now bind the socket to that address and listen on it
    234      */
    235     if (connect(fd, (struct sockaddr *) &addr, sizeof(addr)) < 0) {

They are setting members of sockaddr:
    {sun_family = 1,
     sun_path = "/usr/var/run/libvirt/qemud-sock", 
and connect returned -1 with errno that was 2(ENOENT).

Is there any problem? Please tell me how I can use current virsh

Saori Fukuta.

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