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Re: [Libvir] [RFC]OpenVZ XML def


> >    - os: that's probably one place where OpenVZ may be quite different
> >    from
> >      Xen and QEmu, still what does the string
> >      'slackware-10.2-i386-minimal'
> >      mean ? Is that a pointer to a file ? If yes shouldn't the associated
> >      content be in the XML instead
> OpenVZ supports only Linux. This item must reflect which distro the
> user wants. Or are there better ideas?

  Is that distro a path on the main OS, a config file ?

Not a config file. It is the name of a template cache(just a tar file
containing a root fs). This is uncompressed to create the VM's new
root fs. Usually OpenVZ users will download several template caches,
one for each Linux distro. While creating a VM, the name of the distro
needs to be passed to the creation function. A ".tar.gz" is then
appended to the template name and that file is looked for at a
predesignated location. If it is found, it is untared to create the
new VM's root fs. Else -1. :-)

Shuveb Hussain.
I blog at http://binarykarma.org
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