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Re: [Libvir] [RFC]OpenVZ XML def

Hi Dan,

Looking at the kind of information you need to represent for a guest
filesystem I think we might be better off inventing a new tag here
instead of using <disk>.  The <disk> tag is really about exposing
some file / device as a virtual disk to the guest OS. OpenVZ doesn't
have any formal concept of virtual disks - it is really a just dealing
in terms of a filesystem. Having the info under <disk> doesn't help
any applications like virt-install / virt-manager because the contents
of the <disk> element bears no resemblance to that used for Xen / QEMU.

So I think this is a really a fundamental modelling difference for VM
based virtualization, vs container based virtualization and thus we
should invent a new tag here.

I've not got a good name yet, so I'll just suggest:

     <quota level='vm'>102400</quota>
     <quote level='user' username='root'>102400</quota>

Other ideas  instead of 'filesystem' could be 'image', 'root', or 'container'

I think 'filesystem' is a good choice for the tag if 'disk' is a bad
one. The discussion has been good and has given me an idea about what
the XML def must look like for OpenVZ without being too different from
the base XML format. I'll go work on the parser now.

Shuveb Hussain.
When you lose, be patient. When you achieve, be even more patient.
EasyVZ: http://easyvz.sourceforge.net
Blog: http://binarykarma.org

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