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Re: parted/LVM for ET [Re: [Libvir] Storage manager initial requirements and thoughts

Jim Meyering wrote:
How important do you guys think having LVM support will be to ET projects?
And when will you need it?

For my point of view, as former sysadmin, virtualisation and LVM are such a natural fit for each other that I can hardly imagine _not_ provisioning new virtual servers from space in a VG.

I did look at the API for libparted a few months ago (actually from the rather ancient released version on gnu.org) and it didn't look to me like there was any way to express LVM notions through the API, so I guess this will require a lot of new API calls and structures?

Some more open question to everyone else:
Do we need Python bindings?
Should libvirt's C API use/expose libparted structures directly?
(And how would this affect the remote case?)


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