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Re: [Libvir] [PATCH] modular compilation of xen/qemu/test

Daniel Veillard wrote:
  The following patch adds 3 configure options to turn on or off
the support for Xen, QEMU/KVM and the test driver, as the output
of configure --help shows:
  --with-xen              add XEN support (on)
  --with-qemu             add QEMU/KVM support (on)
  --with-test             add test driver support (on)

 It uses compile time flags, is not really intrusive, it just pointed out
a few strangeness, one of which was fixed (a Xen include) and the remaining
ones are:
   - xml.c doesn't depend on Xen except for virDomainXMLDevID calling
   - libvirt.c still calls xenDaemonDomainLookupByName_ids from
     virDomainGetUUID() , I'm not sure if this can be avoided
In the tests directory, sexpr2xmltest.c and xmconfigtest.c still depends on
code in xen specific modules, trying to add them without xen being present
was more complex than the value it may add (it also makes the patch smaller
to cut at the module level).

  Plan to commit this before the release, unless this raises a problem,

That's really needed. I was going to do something like this myself for the remote case.


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