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Re: [Libvir] [PATCH]Reprt error for a existing file


under layer, XenD or so. I'II try to put this into XenD.

I tried to put xen community, it rejects.

Though I am understanding follwing, Isn't there something good way ?

There is really no way virsh/libvirt can reliably check for dump
or save file existance - only XenD or QEMU can do that. So if we want

If this goes on, for user managing services by using virsh/libvirt,
there is no way to recover for the user.

For example, save file(maybe used as backup file) is overwritten without any confirmation, I suspect that user confuses about the one different from expected OS starting.

Surely, although it is a user's mistake, I want to solve this by saying a confirmation like a below, so that user can confirm it once.

 # virsh save <domain> <file>
   save: save file  "<file>"?

 # virsh dump <domain> <file>
   dump: dump file "<file>"?

How do you think about this?

Kazuki Mizushima

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