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[Libvir] A couple of questions about the Python bindings


These functions don't seem to check whether the parameters are correct. For example, virDomainGetUUIDString doesn't check if the buffer parameter passed from Python is large enough to take the UUID string.

virDomainPinVcpu is just plain strange (but I guess that strangeness eminates from the Xen implementation), but it seems possible for the Python code to be wrong about the length of the Vcpu map (string). Shouldn't the length be taken from the string itself?


It's unclear from the libvirt documentation, but it sounds as if these functions invalidate (free) the virDomainPtr / virNetworkPtr object passed to them. (In fact, the Xen implementation of virDomainPtr at least _doesn't_ free it - is that a bug?) If this is the case, then the Python bindings ought to set self._o = None.


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