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Re: [Libvir] [PATCH] Handle failed strdup and malloc.

Jim Meyering wrote:
"Richard W.M. Jones" <rjones redhat com> wrote:

Jim Meyering wrote:
I noticed a bunch of unchecked strdup's in a row,
and audited the rest of the file:

	Handle failed strdup and malloc.

	* src/remote_internal.c: Don't dereference NULL after
	failed strdup or malloc in doRemoteOpen.
This is all good stuff, except that the calls to error () should take
the conn (virConnectPtr) as first argument if conn is available, which
it is here.  So +1 if that change is made.

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the quick review.

I'll be happy to fix all of the uses of error -- and similar wrapper
functions -- but in a separate patch.  However, note that this is a
general problem: the vast majority of uses of error (at least in that
file) currently use NULL as the first parameter, even when there's a
usable "conn" in scope.

Yup, those are all bugs.

Even worse in xen_internal.c where we'd need some major restructuring to pass conn to all the places where it's needed.

Oh well.


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