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[Libvir] netcat "-U" option

Debian ship a completely different version of netcat from Fedora. Not just a different version, but it appears to be a different codebase.

Debian's netcat doesn't support the (very useful) -U option, so this code fails in src/remote_internal.c:

        cmd_argv[j++] = strdup (command);
        cmd_argv[j++] = strdup (server);
        cmd_argv[j++] = strdup (netcat ? netcat : "nc");
        cmd_argv[j++] = strdup ("-U");
cmd_argv[j++] = strdup (sockname ? sockname : LIBVIRTD_PRIV_UNIX_SOCKET);
        cmd_argv[j++] = 0;

As a result of this remote-over-ssh fails on Debian. I'm not completely sure how to solve this at the moment. If anyone has any ideas ...


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