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Re: [Libvir] Create domU without any disks

Tim Verhoeven wrote:

I'm working on RHEL5.1 (libvirt-0.2.3-9.el5). I would like to know if
it is possible, using libvirt, to create a Xen PVM domU that has no
disks? And if this is possible how to code this ( a simple example is

I can create a configfile for "xm create ..." that works (just use
"disk = [ ]"). But I also need to do this koan (companion to cobbler)
and it uses libvirt.
I'm thinking the answer is "don't add the disks in the code". Which I'm trying now to verify that works.
I think it does.

--virt-size=0 on the profile edit makes for good syntax, methinks.

FWIW -- Tim mentioned on IRC that he wants this machine to keep the storage on ISCSI and was thinking about doing some interesting things to get the initrd out of Anaconda to save off an NFS partition (for startup purposes). So the usual bootup stuff won't work unless you pull out the initrd/etc. Any thoughts on that part?


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