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[Libvir] Semantic of xenUnifiedType()

It does the following:

static const char *
xenUnifiedType (virConnectPtr conn)
    int i;
    const char *ret;

    for (i = 0; i < XEN_UNIFIED_NR_DRIVERS; ++i)
        if (priv->opened[i] && drivers[i]->type) {
            ret = drivers[i]->type (conn);
            if (ret) return ret;

    return NULL;

as a result if running as an user virConnectGetType() returns
"XenXM" because the XM file parser backend ended up being registered
first. I think that's bogus and we should change the function to 
return "Xen" in any case and drop the virDrvGetType type from
struct xenUnifiedDriver and all associated functions in the various

  Opinion ?


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