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Re: [Libvir] BuildRequires check

Jim Meyering wrote:

I tried to configure libvirt from cvs on a just-built rawhide system
and it failed like this, since I hadn't installed the "check" package,
which defines PKG_CHECK_EXISTS:

  checking for init script flavor... redhat
  checking for iptables... /sbin/iptables
  ./configure: line 12187: syntax error near unexpected token `libxml-2.0,LIBXML_FOUND=yes'
  ./configure: line 12187: `    PKG_CHECK_EXISTS(libxml-2.0,LIBXML_FOUND=yes)'

Here's a fix:

2007-10-17  Jim Meyering  <meyering redhat com>

	* libvirt.spec.in (BuildRequires): Add "check".

Index: libvirt.spec.in
RCS file: /data/cvs/libvirt/libvirt.spec.in,v
retrieving revision 1.65
diff -u -p -r1.65 libvirt.spec.in
--- libvirt.spec.in	12 Oct 2007 19:54:15 -0000	1.65
+++ libvirt.spec.in	17 Oct 2007 10:03:22 -0000
@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ Requires: ncurses
 Requires: dnsmasq
 Requires: bridge-utils
 Requires: iptables
+BuildRequires: check

Are you sure that "check" is the right package? I have a rawhide system here where libvirt configures & compiles just fine, yet there is no check RPM installed.

Furthermore the check package info in yum doesn't look relevant:

  $ yum info check
  Loading "refresh-updatesd" plugin
  Excluding Packages in global exclude list
  Available Packages
  Name   : check
  Arch   : x86_64
  Version: 0.9.5
  Release: 1.fc8.1
  Size   : 82 k
  Repo   : development
  Summary: A unit test framework for C
  Check is a unit test framework for C. It features a simple interface for
  defining unit tests, putting little in the way of the developer. Tests
  are run in a separate address space, so Check can catch both assertion
  failures and code errors that cause segmentation faults or other signals.
The output from unit tests can be used within source code editors and IDEs.

There was a rather interminable thread on this subject last month:


Be sure to read the follow-ups ...


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