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Re: [Libvir] Is it possible to add an interface to intercept the migration process?

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
Jack Meng wrote:
Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reply.
Actually I'm thinking about how to recognize the same storage (probably external), not things on them. Sometimes storages are shared between hosts but have different paths to access, e.g., for fibre channel storages. So an update to the conf file is probably needed here to let the dest attach 'right' storages.

Mirroring/iSCSI is not the case I'm considering.

I'm still a bit unclear about what you're trying to do.  Is the external storage mounted on the guest at the point when you're doing the migration?  If it is connected then you'd need to umount it before migration and mount it (with a new device name) afterwards.  Possibly an update to /etc/fstab would be in order too.  This seems to preclude live migration and requires cooperation from the guest during migration, so no special support by the HV is required.  You can just signal to the guest that it is about to be migrated and needs to do the umount/rename and wait until after it has been migrated to signal it again to remount.
Will  this hurt applications/services running on the guest?
However, that is not my point. I'm thinking  about if hypervisors see these external storages with different paths and they are attched to guest as block devices.

Best regards,

If the external storage is actually your root filesystem then you are probably s.o.l at this point.


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