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Re: [Libvir] PATCH: 1/7 Split up the public header files

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
This patch splits up the libvirt.h file into multiple pieces. The big header
file was getting rather long & hard to follow, with API calls for domains and
networks all mixed together, and macros & typedefs & methods all mixed up.
Adding another 25 APIs for storage won't improve this. So this splits up the header into

   libvirt/connection.h    - connection related API calls & objects
   libvirt/node.h          - host node information APIs  & objects
   libvirt/domain.h        - hypervisor/domain API calls & objects
   libvirt/network.h       - virtual networking API calls & objects

The original libvirt.h, now simply #include's all four of these files. The
header files aren't intended to be included directly - apps carry on just
using the main header file.

No real preference either way with this one.


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