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Re: [Libvir] PATCH: 0/7 Implementation of storage APIs

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
As we did with virsh attach-disk/attach-interface, vs attach-device
I think it would be helpful to provide a 'virsh vol-create' variant
which took a handful of explicit args as an alternative to the XML,

eg   virsh pool-create --type fs xenimages /var/lib/xen/images

Yes, vital really, and even better if it's a libvirt call.

NB, <format> is actually optional - it defaults to raw. Permissions
should be optional, but currently aren't. Allocation is optional too,
without it, you will get a sparse file.

I didn't really understand the semantics of <allocation>. It should be <sparse/> AFAICS. This underlines actually why XML is so much more slippery than real typing.

<pool type="xxx">
  <!-- target should make sense for the xxx driver, eg. path for fs,
    LUN name for iSCSI, etc.  There is no need for the dir=...
    attribute -->
  <!-- permissions should default to sensible values -->

Yep, I intended permissions to be optional. Not all pools have a target,
some only have a source. Basically name,and either target or source
is the minimal set. Everything else should be optional.

But to avoid lots of switch/case in the caller we should also avoid using an attribute name (<target> vs <target dir=...>).


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