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Re: [Libvir] Memory leak in XenHypervisorMakeCapabilitiesXML?

On Fri, Sep 07, 2007 at 12:18:05PM -0400, beth kon wrote:
> Hi. Seems to me there is a memory leak with the strdup function in 
> xenHypervisorMakeCapabilitiesXML. Looking up the chain of calls leading 
> to xenHypervisorMakeCapabilitiesXML, I don't see the required free for 
> the hidden malloc in the strdup. The same problem may exist with other 
> strdups in the code.

I assume you're referring to this snippet of code at the end of the
xenHypervisorMakeCapabilitiesXML function:

    xml_str = strdup (xml->content);
    if (!xml_str) goto vir_buffer_failed;
    virBufferFree (xml);

    return xml_str;

This 'xml_str' get propagated  back to the caller, in this case the caller
is xenHypervisorGetCapabilities. This method is in turn called from the
public API  virConnectGetCapabilities. To the xml_str buffer is returned
to teh caller of the public API. The contract of this API says:

 * The client must free the returned string after use.

So the memory from the strdup is required to be free'd by whomever calls
the virConnectGetCapabilities() API.

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