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Re: [Libvir] [PATCH] Support Sun's Compiler

On Fri, Sep 07, 2007 at 11:33:48AM -0400, Mark Johnson wrote:
> The following patch allows libvirt to be compiled
> with Sun's CC compiler.

Small request - for any future patches could you make sure gmail sends
them as text/plain rather tha application/octet-stream, or have them
inline instead of attachments - makes it easier to reply quoting the

So, the bulk of this patch is just getting rid of the anonymous members
in the union. Looks huge, but its an obvious safe fix - I explored doing
this myself before to make us compile in c89 mode, but decided it wasn't
worth it at the time, since we've a tonne of other stuff which breaks in
c89 mode already.

I'm rather puzzelled about this:

-            free(names[i]);
+            free((void *)names[i]);

There should never be any need to cast to (void*)  as far as I understand
things. There's a couple more examples of this. What error does the Sun
compiler give without this explicit cast ?

For this chunk, I assume the compiler was complaining about unreachable
code since all branches in the switch() returned ?

-        return gettext_noop("no state");  /* = dom0 state */
-    }
-    return NULL;
+        ;/*FALLTHROUGH*/
+    }
+    return gettext_noop("no state");  /* = dom0 state */

Can you explain this chunk:

 /* As of Hypervisor Call v2,  DomCtl v5 we are now 8-byte aligned
    even on 32-bit archs when dealing with uint64_t */
+#ifdef __linux__
 #define ALIGN_64 __attribute__((aligned(8)))
+#define ALIGN_64

The alignment to 8 byte boundaries is neccessary for the Xen Dom0 ABI when
running on 32-bit platforms since it has to be 32/64-bit invariant. Is this
a mistake, or is the Solaris 32-bit Xen ABI different ?  If so can you add
a comment about the Solaris ABI difference so we remember the reason for this
conditional in the future.

Aside from those things I'm fine with the patch.

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