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Re: [Libvir] Documentation errors and shortcomings

Tóth István wrote:
I believe that the fields of these structs ARE meant to be read by the
applications linking the library,  and are not really meant to be
opaque. (or if they are, they should have some functions/macros that you
can access their contents with)

Yes, you should access the fields directly.

If an individual stats field isn't supported by the hypervisor, it will be returned as ((long long) -1) [for various reasons we're using long long here, but really we mean 64 bit signed int].

If a field is returned as 0, that means "no activity". However I have noticed there is a problem with fullvirt domains on Xen 3.0.3 which means that network stats are reported as 0. I don't understand yet what causes this problem, but obviously it's a bug somewhere, seemingly in Xen itself. The code works fine with recent Xen hypervisors.

If the hypervisor doesn't support stats collection at all then you'll get an error from the function call (ie. the function itself will return -1). At the moment the functions aren't supported on QEMU or KVM at all, something which really needs to be fixed as soon as possible. They also have rather partial support on Xen, in particular fullvirt Xen domains cannot return disk stats for what is essentially a very trivial reason which could be fixed in about 3 lines of code. For updated status, please track this page: http://libvirt.org/hvsupport.html

You have to pass the size of the structure to the calls. This allows us to extend the structure in future with additional fields, but also to detect the new caller / old libvirt case and avoid a segfault. Such are the joys of type unsafe dynamic linking.

To see these functions being called from C code, go to the following page and search down for 'ocaml_libvirt_domain_block_stats' and 'ocaml_libvirt_domain_interface_stats'.


Daniel Veillard has fixed the missing typedef problem in CVS.


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