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Re: [Libvir] can't start windows guest domains

Richard W.M. Jones schrieb:
Thomas Antony wrote:
Mon, 10 Sep 2007 20:38:31 ERROR virDomainCreateLinux() failed POST operation failed: (xend.err "Error creating domain: (12, 'Cannot allocate memory')")

I think I've seen this one, and if so then it has been fixed but the problem may not have made it out to Fedora yet (it was a bug in Xen itself).

It was caused by Domain-0 not being able to balloon down its memory usage by enough to accomodate the new domain. The workaround is to reduce the amount of memory allocated to Domain-0 manually first, eg:

  virsh setmaxmem 0 128000

but you'll have to modify '128000' to be some amount of memory in kilobytes which is the current Domain-0 allocation, less what is needed for your new domain, less a bit more for good luck...


Hi Richard,

I tried "virsh setmaxmem 0 512000" and then the system hung and i had to reset it. After the system is started again i can start the windows guest domains now, but the state is blocked. Why is the state blocked and not running? Which tools can show me why the state is blocked?
I'm running F7 on a Dell PE2950 with 8GB RAM.
It would be nice if you could explain how much RAM i should allocate to Dom0 and what are the minimum requirements for Dom0.

Thank you in advance,

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