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Re: [Libvir] can't start windows guest domains

Thomas Antony wrote:
I tried "virsh setmaxmem 0 512000" and then the system hung and i had to

Oh that's nasty. Were there any logs produced at the time the system hung? Basically that's a bug in Xen anyway -- all that 'virsh setmaxmem' does is to make a Xen hypercall to balloon down Domain-0, so all the hard stuff happens in Xen.

reset it. After the system is started again i can start the windows guest domains now, but the state is blocked. Why is the state blocked and not running? Which tools can show me why the state is blocked?

'Blocked' is the normal state (unless you mean 'Paused'). Domains are only 'Running' when they are using CPU.

Can you ping the domains (if they have a network connection)? Or view their console?

I'm running F7 on a Dell PE2950 with 8GB RAM.
It would be nice if you could explain how much RAM i should allocate to Dom0 and what are the minimum requirements for Dom0.

I would expect that allocating 512 MB to Dom0 as you did should be sufficient (unless it's running a huge database or something like that).

The problem, though, isn't likely to be the allocation, but the fact that you are using 'virsh setmaxmem' to balloon it down from something larger to 512 MB. In any case, I'm not sure what the problem is - unless you can find something in a logfile, it's hard to tell.


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