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[Libvir] Java bindings


A development version of the java bindings I've been working on are available at :


I'd appreciate your feedback on it.

Have java/gcc set up correctly through alternatives ( I use jpackage sun java 1.5.0 on Fedora 7 x86_64)
Fix the include path in jni/Makefile
run build.sh
You should have the .so and .jar files built, and see the output from the basic test program.

Using: See the test in build.sh


It's meant to be a thin translation layer on top of libvirt.
The object model is similar to the python one.
All error handling is done exclusively through exceptions.
No documentation yet, but It's pretty self-explanatory.
The build system is very primitive, I just hacked together something to build it outside my eclipse devel environment.
The bindings are pretty complete, but minimally tested.
License is LGPL.

Best regards


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