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Re: [Libvir] Network blocking issue


On 9/17/07, Richard W.M. Jones <rjones redhat com> wrote:
> Yes actually I agree with you on that one.  On the other hand there is
> no way for Shuveb to set TCP socket options on the socket other than
> making a private copy of the libvirt code and hacking it.  So a patch to
> add yet another query string flag to the remote URI or to expose the
> remote socket somehow might be acceptable.

One big advantage of SANs is that local storage is avoided and storage
management is simplified. Most importantly, nodes on which VMs run
become like non-fixed resources. Domains can be chucked out from a
node to take it down for maintenance, for example. There would be no
issues when nodes are added. And with Avahi, life feels good. :-)

But when a node goes away suddenly, the application is left high and
dry at a point where it was making a call to the remote node. I
understand it is a TCP issue. But there must be a way to reach a
middle path. I removed the cable for a good 15 mins and still the call
remained blocked. The request never timed out at all. I am just
worried about this bit a lot.

Shuveb Hussain.
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But, Poverty has a lot to do with Sorrow.
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