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Re: [Libvir] How to deploy Virtual Machine via libvirt

Omer Khalid wrote:


I have been using libvirt in my python software for a while just to get deployed domain information. Usually I create a xen configuration file with all the parameters and trigger a "xm create -f file" command to deploy the VM.

The problem I have noticed since some time is that as this command is forwarded from Python to Xen, and no error code is returned; I loose track if the domain deployment request fails which is rare but happens.

So I thought to use libvirt for virtual machine deployment, and wondered if there are python bindings which I could use. I also try to look up for some kind of small example code to deploy a VM via libvirt on the libvirt site but didn't succeed to find. Can any body help me out with their experience?

There are low-level calls within libvirt, but if you want to install a new guest (eg. from an ISO) it's best to use virt-install. (http://hg.et.redhat.com/virt/applications/virtinst--devel, http://virt-manager.et.redhat.com/download.html)

Code examples can be found in virt-manager.

If you already have the guest and just want to start it up, then call virDomainDefineXML followed by virDomainCreate in libvirt.


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