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[Libvir] Release of libvirt-0.3.3

  More than a month without a release ... it was clearly time to push the
bits out. Available as usual from

A lot of new things in the last month:

* New features:
 - Avahi mDNS daemon export (Daniel Berrange)
 - NUMA support (Beth Kan)
* Documentation:
 - cleanups (Toth Istvan)
 - typos (Eduardo Pereira)
* Bug fixes:
 - memory corruption on large dumps (Masayuki Sunou)
 - fix virsh vncdisplay command exit (Masayuki Sunou)
 - Fix network stats TX/RX result (Richard Jones)
 - warning on Xen 3.0.3 (Richard Jones)
 - missing buffer check in virDomainXMLDevID (Hugh Brock)
 - avoid zombies when using remote (Daniel Berrange)
 - xend connection error message (Richard Jones)
 - avoid ssh tty prompt (Daniel Berrange)
 - username handling for remote URIs (Fabian Deutsch)
 - fix potential crash on multiple input XML tags (Daniel Berrange)
 - Solaris Xen hypercalls fixup (Mark Johnson)
* Improvements:
 - OpenVZ support (Shuveb Hussain and Anoop Cyriac)
 - CD-Rom reload on XEn (Hugh Brock)
 - PXE boot got QEmu/KVM (Daniel Berrange)
 - QEmu socket permissions customization (Daniel Berrange)
 - more QEmu support (Richard Jones)
 - better path detection for qemu and dnsmasq (Richard Jones)
 - QEmu flags are per-Domain (Daniel Berrange)
 - virsh freecell command
 - Solaris portability fixes (Mark Johnson)
 - default bootloader support (Daniel Berrange)
 - new virNodeGetFreeMemory API
 - vncpasswd extraction in configuration files if secure (Mark Johnson and Daniel Berrange)
 - Python bindings for block and interface statistics
* Code cleanups:
 - virDrvOpenRemoteFlags definition (Richard Jones)
 - configure tests and output (Daniel Berrange)

 Thanks to everybody who helped with sugegstion, bug reports patches and more !


Red Hat Virtualization group http://redhat.com/virtualization/
Daniel Veillard      | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
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