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[Libvir] ANNOUNCE: Ruby bindings for libvirt, version 0.0.6

I'm pleased to announce version 0.0.6 of the Ruby bindings for libvirt.
The most notable addition is support for the libvirt storage API. From
the NEWS file:

  * Explicit free methods for various objects (based on a patch by
    Vadim Zaliva)
  * Make the FLAGS argument for various calls optional, and default it
    to 0. (Chris Lalancette)
  * More finegrained exceptions on errors, containing libvirt error
    (Mohammed Morsi)
  * Bindings for the libvirt storage API (requires libvirt 0.4.1)
  * Suppress some bindings if the underlying libvirt doesn't support it
  * Bindings for virDomainSetMemory, virDomainPinVcpu, and
    virDomainSetVcpus (Vadim Zaliva)

The main site for ruby-libvirt is http://libvirt.org/ruby
API docs can be found at http://libvirt.org/ruby/api/index.html

Please send all your patches (and comments/questions) to this list.


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