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[Libvir] RFC: get/set properties

  I'd like to get some comments on the following...

We would like to use libvirt to store some properties related to a domain. This can be done by adding a simple get/set API as follows:

 * Domain property get/set interfaces
 * For GetProp, the return value must be freed by the caller.
char *          virDomainGetProp    (virDomainPtr domain,
                        const char *propName);

int         virDomainSetProp    (virDomainPtr domain,
                        const char *propName,
                        const char *value);

  Sample command-line usage:

virsh # setprop solaris-pv-0 foo bar

virsh # setprop solaris-pv-0 blah 3

virsh # getprop solaris-pv-0 foo
foo: bar

  The XML would look something like this:

virsh # dumpxml solaris-pv-0
<domain type='xen' id='-1'>
[ snip ]
    <blah value="3"/>
    <foo value="bar"/>

Looking at the Xen code, I'll need to do a bit of work on that API before I can implement this. I don't know how well this will fit into the other hypervisors that Libvirt supports, so I'll leave those implementations up to someone else :)

  Any thoughts?


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