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[libvirt] [OpenVZ]



after updating to the last official release 0.5.1 my application stopped working. No errors to the log file though i raised exceptions where it was possible.

i checked with virsh xml description used for creating OpenVZ container and got the following:


virsh # create ovz.xml
Segmentation fault


after that virsh just closed (as well as my application did before). But itself container was created:


[root alt-03 ~]# vzlist -a
      3005          5 running -               -


Ovz.xml looks like this:


<domain type="openvz" id="3005">
                                <filesystem type="template">
                                                <source name="altlinux-4.0"/>
                                                <target dir="/"/>
                                <interface type="bridge">
                                                <source bridge="vzrb1"/>
                                                <target dev="veth3005.0"/>


With previous version it worked just fine.


Further, it is impossible to create OpenVZ container without <memory> tag though i didn't notice any effects from it. Does it realy needed?


<vcpu> tag stopped working. Previously it added in config file of the container a record like CPUS="1". No it doesn't add anything.


Mac generation still an issue. It seems my notification about it was missed. Here is a string from config file for created container.


[root alt-03 ~]# cat /etc/vz/conf/3005.conf | grep NETIF


mac = host_mac = network issue.

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