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[Libvir] New XML attributes for virtio


I filed https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=431063 yesterday to
track this issue.

Quoting the bug report:

"To use the new virtio capabilites available in kvm 60, special command
line paramaters need to be passed to kvm.  There should be a way to
specify that a device should use virtio in the libvirt xml.

I propose adding a "model" attribute to the interface element in the XML
to be able to specify the type of NIC to emulate, e.g. 'virtio'.

For the disk virtio I propose adding an 'interface' attribute to target
element (inside the disk element). This interface could then be set to
'virtio', 'ide', 'scsi', etc.."

Since I wrote the bug report, I noticed there's no way to specify which
graphics card, you'd like to emulate. A 'model' attribute could probably
be added to the graphics element as well.


Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Server Team

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