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[Libvir] Re: libvirt adding new methods to the xenUnifiedDriver

Roman Divacky wrote:

I am messing with libvirt and I need to add some methods to the
xenUnifiedDriver structure. I do it this way:
(currently #ifdef-ed out)

struct xenUnifiedDriver {
        virDrvOpen                      open;
        virDrvClose                     close;
        virDrvGetVersion                version;
    virDrvGetHostname       getHostname;
    virDrvGetURI            getURI;
        virDrvNodeGetInfo               nodeGetInfo;
        virDrvGetCapabilities           getCapabilities;
        virDrvListDomains               listDomains;
#if 0
        virDrvListDatastores            listDatastores;
        virDrvListSyspreps              listSyspreps;

with the #if switched to off I am seeing some problems in
xenUnifiedDomainGetInfo(). it basically iterates through
array of driver structures to find out suitable domainGetInfo()
method. When I flip the #if to 1 the driver structures get redefined
causing xenUnifiedDomainGetInfo() to not find any suitable driver.

Don't add things to xenUnifiedDriver structure -- this structure should go away eventually. (See the comment in src/xen_unified.h).

Instead, just do whatever you need directly from src/xen_unified.c, be that direct code or calling something lower level.

code stuffed with debugging printfs:

#if 0 case:

priv->opened[i]: 0
drivers[i]->domainGetInfo: 0x2aaaaaae0c10
priv->opened[i]: 1
drivers[i]->domainGetInfo: 0x2aaaaaaec2c0
Domains 0: 2 CPUs

#if 1 case:

priv->opened[i]: 0
drivers[i]->domainGetInfo: (nil)
priv->opened[i]: 1
drivers[i]->domainGetInfo: (nil)
priv->opened[i]: 0
drivers[i]->domainGetInfo: 0x2aaaaaae7400
priv->opened[i]: 0
drivers[i]->domainGetInfo: (nil)
priv->opened[i]: 1
drivers[i]->domainGetInfo: (nil)
Failed to get informations for Domain 0

as you can see the "drivers" (xenHypervisorDriver etc.) got

any idea why? or whats going on?

thnx for any possible help, if you cannot help me could you please
forward this mail to the appropriete place?

You should send any questions to libvirt-list:



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