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Re: [PATCH] for MinGW Re: [Libvir] Pthreads error in windows compilation

Atsushi SAKAI wrote:

 Today I recognized.
It would be better to write #include <pthread.h> in hash.h than hash.c.
And compilation works if configure.in changes in MINGW?
Would you apply this patch?

I think actually it's better to push the '#include <pthread.h>' all the way up into src/internal.h. It's required in other places, eg. in src/libvirt.c.

However, the biggest problem I have is I don't have pthread.h in MinGW. Where do you get pthread from for MinGW?

About the other part of this patch:

-    MINGW_EXTRA_LDFLAGS="-no-undefined"
+    MINGW_EXTRA_LDFLAGS="-lintl -lpthreadGC2"

'-no-undefined' is required in order to get libtool to build a DLL.


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