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[Libvir] Re: libvirt for Python on Windows

Aha, the big question.
So far I only have loose notes, but basically it comes down to the instructions below.
I used SWIG (http://www.swig.org/) to build the DLL of the Python module.
My setup had Python 2.4 installed in C:\Prog\Python24. Of course the required C dependancies where also already met on my system (including libxen). I have quite some experience in porting *nix stuff to Windows/win32 using MinGW/MSYS, but Python was new to me. Nevertheless it took my days (well, nights mostly) to get this result, but the instructions below aren't too long. So I believe it shouldn't require that many changes to sources and autoconf/automake stuff to incorporate the MinGW/MSYS port. I'm afraid there is still some work ahead meeting all the Python dependancies. If we're lucky they will exist for Windows. Otherwise they will need porting too (hopefully easier than libvirt).
Here goes:

wget -c http://downloads.sourceforge.net/swig/swigwin-1.3.33.zip
unzip -oqj swigwin-1.3.33.zip -d /C/Prog/Python24 swigwin-1.3.33/swig.exe

wget -c http://libvirt.org/sources/libvirt-cvs-snapshot.tar.gz
tar xfz libvirt-cvs-snapshot.tar.gz
cd libvirt-0.4.0

mkdir linux
touch linux/param.h

mv src/internal.h src/internal.h.bak
echo "#include <pthread.h>" > src/internal.h
sed -e 's/^\(#define VIR_DEBUG(.*) *\)$/\1 \\/' src/internal.h.bak >> src/internal.h

mv qemud/remote_protocol.c qemud/remote_protocol.c.bak
echo "#include <winsock2.h>" > qemud/remote_protocol.c
cat qemud/remote_protocol.c.bak >> qemud/remote_protocol.c

mv configure configure.bak
sed -e "s?/include/python\${PYTHON_VERSION}?/include?; s?/lib/python\${PYTHON_VERSION}/site-packages?$/Lib/site-packages?; s?-lpython\\\${PYTHON_VERSION}?-lpython\`echo \\\$PYTHON_VERSION|sed -e 's/\\\.//'\`?" configure.bak > configure

./configure --prefix=$INSTALLPREFIX --disable-rpath --enable-debug=no --enable-compile-warnings=minimum --with-xen --without-xen-proxy --without-qemu --without-openvz --without-test --without-libvirtd --without-remote --with-init-scripts=none --with-depends --without-sasl --without-polkit --with-python=/C/Prog/Python24/python.exe PYTHON=/C/Prog/Python24/python.exe PYTHON_INCLUDES="/C/Prog/Python24/include" CFLAGS="-Drestrict=__restrict -DWSAAPI=" LDFLAGS="-no-undefined -lportablexdr -lwsock32 -lintl"

# don't build tests
mv tests/Makefile tests/Makefile.bak
cat > tests/Makefile << EOF

make install

cd python

mv Makefile Makefile.bak
sed -e "s?^\(PYTHON_INCLUDES *= *.*\)?\1/C/Prog/Python24/include?; s?^\(PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGES *= *.*\)?\1/C/Prog/Python24/Lib/site-packages?" Makefile.bak > Makefile

/C/Prog/Python24/python.exe generator.py
make libvirtmod_la-libvir.lo libvirtmod_la-types.lo libvirtmod_la-libvirt-py.lo

# use SWIG to create Python wrapper
cat > libvirtmod.i << EOF
%module libvirtmod
#include "../include/libvirt/libvirt.h"
sed -e "s/^\(.*libvirt.*\)$/extern \1/" libvirt-py.h >> libvirtmod.i
../../swigwin-1.3.33/swig -python -I../../swigwin-1.3.33/Lib -I../../swigwin-1.3.33/Lib/python/ libvirtmod.i

gcc -shared libvirtmod_wrap.c libvirtmod_la-libvir.o libvirtmod_la-types.o libvirtmod_la-libvirt-py.o -lportablexdr -lws2_32 -I/C/Prog/Python24/include -L/C/Prog/Python24/libs -lpython24 -L../src/.libs/ -lvirt -Wl,--export-all-symbols -o _libvirtmod.dll

# test it
/C/Prog/Python24/python.exe -c "import libvirt"

cp libvirt.py libvirtmod.py _libvirtmod.dll /C/Prog/Python24/Lib/site-packages

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
Brecht Sanders wrote:
Hi Richard,
I have finally compiled a libvirt Python module.
Attached are the files that need to go into <python 2.4 home>lib/site-packages, in case you want to try this.

How did you build _libvirtmod though?


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