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Re: [Libvir] [PATCH 0/2] Re-organize generation / handling of capabilities data

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 04:57:56AM +0000, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> Earlier today I started the 'simple' task of extending the QEMU driver to
> support Xenner for running Xen paravirt guests under KVM. This was at first
> glance easy because it basically looks like QEMU - in fact all we needed
> was to extend the capabilities XML for the QEMU driver to include data 
> about Xen guests if Xenner is available.
> Unfortunately this was easier said than done...
>  - The code generating the XML in qemu_driver.c was a mix of string
>    formatting for the XML, and functional logic for determining runtime
>    capabilities (kvm, kqemu, etc).
>  - More runtime logic was in the qemu_conf.c file and stuff that should
>    be runtime logic was static.
> I attempted to fix up the QEMU code for capabilities but it quickly turned
> into a horrible mess of spaghetti.
> Looking at the Xen driver, the situation was pretty much the same, but
> with the capabilities XML generation spread out over 3 files (xml.c, 
> xen_internal.c and xend_internal.c).
> So I decided that we needed to have a internal API & structure to allow
> drivers to formally register & query their capabilities , and also add a
> central method for serializing it to XML. The following 2 patches implement
> this idea, and porting the Xen, QEMU and Test drivers to use it. 
> This removes a lot of code duplication in XML formatting and makes the
> resulting code easier to follow, and should make it much quicker to
> adding capabilities info to new drivers too.

  Okay I looked at both patches (too bad diff can't spot blocks moved from
one file to another) they look fine to me. This really is a good cleanup,
there are some changes included which seems a bit unrelated but fine too,



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