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Re: [Libvir] java-libvirt on cvs:libvirt.org

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Thank you!

I'm glad that you've made the effort to turn my code into a real package and added the new features ( I was planning on adding the XML processing stuff, too, but never got around to it) Unfortunately, I do not expect to have the time to contribute for at least a few months, so consider yourself the new maintainer.

best regards
István Tóth

Daniel Schwager wrote:
Hallo list,

i took the java-libvirt port from Tóth István (Thank you - great work !!) and added - the some features from libvirt 0.4.0 - integrate of xsd XML-description / validator - added auto generation of XML-beans related to the XSD file.
 - project build.xml file
 - integration of testng
- remote building of JNI library - remote testing of junit/testing tests

So, I want to publish to port to a public cvs-tree. Is there
a little space on the libvirt website for this port ?



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Libvir-list redhat com

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