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[Libvir] OCaml bindings - Windows installer

This is a Windows installer for the OCaml libvirt bindings and programs:


If someone has a 'virgin' Windows system and could test that the above installer works, particularly for Windows < Vista and for Windows which has not had any GTK/MinGW development tools installed. About 90% of the size of the installer is down to the GTK DLLs and configuration files which need to be carried along to support the GTK graphical program (Virt Control). It's possible that I haven't placed the GTK files in exactly the right place, so instead it is using my own GTK development environment.

Screenshots showing the installer in action:


  Desktop, nothing installed, showing the installer icon.


  List of required, recommended and optional subpackages.


  Select the installation path.


  Install complete.  Notice the desktop icons, ...


  ... and the menu entries and uninstaller program.


  Running Virt Control.


  After uninstall.  Notice that the desktop icons have gone.

The installer uses NSIS (the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, http://nsis.sf.net/) and is reasonably well integrated into the autoconf / make build system. In particular if you are compiling under Windows and NSIS is installed, then a simple './configure --with-nsis; make wininstaller' will build a Windows installer.

This is something to look at if libvirt wants/needs a Windows installer.


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