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Re: [Libvir] [PATCH] Xen: Support cpu_weight and cpu_cap for Xen.

Tatsuro Enokura wrote:
Hi, Richard

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
[Resurrecting this old thread ...]

How about this as a plan?

(1) Add 'virsh savetuning' and 'virsh loadtuning' commands as Daniel Veillard has suggested above. These would save the per-domain tuning information to an XML file

    <pin vcpu="0" pcpu="0"/>
    <pin vcpu="1" pcpu="1"/>
    <!-- other stuff for cpu_weight, etc. -->

Ok, looks fine to me.

(2) Modify 'virsh define' and 'virsh create' commands to add a '--with-tuning' flag, so that:

  virsh define foo.xml --with-tuning foo-tuning.xml

Which basically does the ordinary 'virsh define' step followed by 'virsh loadtuning'.

I agree and I want to add '--with-tuning' flag to 'virsh start' command, too.

(3) Modify 'virsh save' to add '--save-tuning', so that:

  virsh save foo foo.img --save-tuning foo-tuning.xml

This captures the tuning information into the XML file, and is the same as doing an ordinary 'save' followed by 'virsh savetuning'.

Sounds good to me.

OK good. I probably won't get around to this real soon now because I've got a huge list of things on my to do list, but if the design is good I can come up with an implementation in a week or two.


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