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Re: [Libvir] RFC: PATCH 0/5: asynchronous background jobs

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
There are a number of existing APIs which can benefit from
this, hence I decided to work on this separately from the
main storage APIs. The APIs which can make use of this are
virDomainCreateLinux, virDomainCreate, virNetworkCreate,
virNetworkCreateXML, virDomainSave, virDomainRestore, and
virDomainDumpCore. For all of these we add a second variant
postfixed with 'Job' in the name, returning a virJobPtr object

Another way to do this is to overload the domain etc. objects and make them into suspensions. The advantages being (a) no new API is needed and (b) some code benefits from overlapping computation even without being changed. See also my reply here:


OTOH, suspensions require "interesting" code changes inside libvirt, although not necessarily requiring threads - there are several possible implementations.


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