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Re: [Libvir] [RFC] Add Container support to libvirt

On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, Shuveb Hussain wrote:

On Jan 17, 2008 2:30 AM, Dan Smith <danms us ibm com> wrote:
DL>       <network>
DL>           <ipaddress></ipaddress>
DL>           <hostname>browndog</hostname>
DL>           <gateway></gateway>
DL>           <nameserver></nameserver>
DL>           <netmask></netmask>
DL>       </network>

This is me showing my complete ignorance here, but can you enforce the
hostname inside a container like that?  I would expect that to be done
by the init scripts inside a container, much like a real machine.

It is most flexible to manage virtual machines from the base machine
on which they run. The idea is to run an agent on the base machine
alone that is able to configure all virtual machines without the need
to have agents inside of each of the virtual machines. When an OpenVZ
VPS is being created, the tools actually set /etc/resolv.conf and also

Containers  would similarly be managed from the init namespace.

[On 2.6.24 kernel ensure you have cgroup and controllers support
included - CGROUP_* set of config options. Then mount as follows -

mount -t cgroup -o ns none /containers]

If a Container is clone()ed now it will automatically show up in
/containers as node_<pid> of the child. One can then rename this to the
desired name as well as pass the desired hostname as part of the
configuration for the Container wherein its init task/script can set the hostname.

Am I understanding and correlating the above correctly to what you
mention wrt OpenVZ?


its IP address from its configuration file. In containers, there are
no tools that do it (yet). As of now, I am too wondering how the
network configuration values in the config are going to be applied to
the virtual machine. If it were like a real virtual machine, then
these things get set from the machine's init script itself, like you

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