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Re: [Libvir] Repository for work-in-progress storage patches

Another thing is that there's confusion over where 'flags' parameters should be unsigned or not. The confusion comes from existing calls which are a bit of a hodge-podge, even using 'long' in one case:

virConnectOpenAuth             int flags
virDomainCreateLinux           unsigned int flags
virDomainCreateLinuxJob        unsigned int flags
virDomainReboot                unsigned int flags
virDomainCoreDump              int flags
virDomainCoreDumpJob           int flags
virDomainGetXMLDesc            int flags
virDomainCreateJob             int flags
virDomainMigrate               unsigned long flags
virNetworkGetXMLDesc           int flags
virConnectDiscoverStoragePools unsigned int flags
virStoragePoolRefresh          unsigned int flags
virStoragePoolGetXMLDesc       int flags
virStorageVolCreateXML         int flags
virStorageVolGetXMLDesc        int flags

I propose that we change all except virDomainMigrate to 'unsigned int'. That shouldn't break ABI (right?)


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