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Re: [Libvir] Question about building libvirt on Windows

Atsushi SAKAI wrote:
Hi, Rich

I try to build on current libvirt on Windows.
But failed in attached compilation message.
I would be appreciate If you have any suggestions.

My Instruction is follows.
build cygwinenvironment.
Install gettext-devel, gnutls, gnutls-devel additionally.
install sunrpc-4.0-4 on /
compile libvirt(current) and fails and get attached message.

I have not added any additional patches to libvirt.

Do you need / want to use Cygwin? The problem with Cygwin is that the POSIX-like CYGWIN.DLL is licensed under the GPL (not LGPL) so will prevent you from building any commercial applications around libvirt.

Instead, if you can, I suggest using MinGW + MSYS.

The error messages you post suggest that there has been some breakage of the Cygwin port over time, most likely broken when I started to arrange the reheaders for MinGW.


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