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Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
Russ Blaine wrote:
On Solaris-based xen 3.1.2 I am seeing virDomainGetInfo() often returning VIR_DOMAIN_NOSTATE in dominfo.state for domUs that are powered on and running. What exactly does VIR_DOMAIN_NOSTATE mean? Why does it exist? I suspect it is a catch-all in the API for hosts that don't entirely have their act together, that do not always return a valid guest state. Is that the case?

Is anyone else seeing this on Xen?

It means that we query xcnd and there is no domain/state part of the sexpr for the domain.

What does 'xm list --long' say?

[ libvirt 0.4.0; I just subscribed to the list so it might take a bit for traffic to flow to me. ]

When the problem occurs, the state line in xm list --long is:
     (state ------)

And in the 'xm list' it looks like this:
Name                                  ID   Mem VCPUs      State   Time(s)
abc2                                  27   512     1     ------      9.9

It's an XP domain, and this happens while it's booting up.

- Russ

Russ Blaine | Solaris Kernel | russell blaine sun com

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